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New Friends (gray squirrels/sparrow/Chipmunk)

Consider contacting the Maine Professional Guide Association for their expertise. Filter Content By:. Clear Filters. Related Stories.

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These cute little birds with their bright orange beaks were once on the brink of extinction, but thanks to several conservation projects Wildlife Watching in Acadia National Park. DownEast Acadia is unspoiled nature at its best. And Acadia National Park offers numerous opportunities for wildlife viewing—from narrated Bird Watching in Acadia National Park.

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DownEast Acadia is perfect for viewing the world's largest living creatures aboard our whale watching excursion boats. The chance of Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co. It is the first significant rain we have had all month and is a big change from the mild and sunny weather we have become accustomed to. It brings relief to the dry ground, reduces the fire danger and fills up the water table a little before the hard freeze of winter comes.

We have missed the rain and can tolerate it intruding into our crisp fall days as we relish the benefits that it will bring.

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We can control many components of our days and schedules but the weather is not one of them. Putting a positive spin on the things we cannot change helps us to develop resiliency, flexibility and confidence that we are in charge of our own mood.

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We can choose to waste our day grumbling and complaining or get on with having a blast and enjoying every minute of our time at camp. There are always positives to be found in the variable Maine summer weather. Rain may come as a relief from a stretch of baking sunny days that can be exhausting. A fire in the Lodge is cozy and an opportunity to not have to rush and take time to enjoy reading the logs or a good book. Rainy day program is often a fun, entertaining and creative switch up from our regular scheduling.

While it is quiet around camp and the end of season clean-up is coming to an end there is still plenty of rustling in the leaves as the wildlife takes over. Runoia has an abundant supply of oak tress which keep the chipmunks and squirrels scurrying around gathering acorns for the long winter season. Leaves gently fall from the trees and shack porches that are no longer being swept on a regular basis catch the brilliant colors.

It looks a little messy around the place as the paths and lawns become buried under the falling leaves and there are no feet treading routes through them.

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The bell is quiet. We often lament about the fact that these gorgeous fall days would be perfect for camp. Can you imagine going apple picking and taking a hay ride for trip day and carving pumpkins with your shack? Glenn has certainly raked up plenty of leaves for jumping into which would be great fun. As it is now going dark long before E. We would certainly have to bundle up to make it through the chilly evenings and the fire in the Lodge would surely be kept burning. As Halloween approaches there are a myriad of potential costume choices just waiting to be discovered in the drama clothes.

The lake is a bit chilly for a swim but perfect for canoeing and kayaking with the foliage reflecting beautifully on the calm, clear water of Great Pond. Oh what fun we could have with our camp friends if summer camp lasted into October. We hope that whatever your family fall traditions are and whatever the climate is where you live that you are getting outside and having a great time enjoying all the beauty of the season.

If you are looking for ideas of fun things to do check out our Fall Favorites Pinterest board! For many people a letter or card written by hand and sent through the post is a rare treat to receive. There is incredible value in the sending and receiving of letters to and from Camp. Although modern alternatives may have crept into our regular everyday lives and mail has now often been replaced by type or text, at camp the options are much more limited and therefore pen and paper is the go to form of communication.

A hand written letter, postcard or note-card shows a commitment and acknowledges that a person has taken the time and resources to show how much you are valued. A paper note can be stored under a pillow, treasured and reread over and over. Camp Runoia parents often tell us years later that they still have those letters from camp as treasured memories of their daughters developing independence. Content is often deeper and more profound in a letter than it is in a hurriedly typed email or an even shorter text message.

There is not room for emoticons in a pen and paper note, real feelings are expressed carefully using vocabulary that often never appears in type,. A note can communicate messages that may be difficult to address in person or may be impossible if the distance covered is great. The recipient sits with the content without an immediate verbal response needed. At Camp Runoia we value the time old tradition of hand writing notes.

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We send welcome notes, Birthday postcards and of course penpal letters for new campers all before June. Our campers reciprocate those letters filled with love and news from home. The Belgrade Lakes Post Office is near and dear to our hearts and trips to visit can sometimes even be won as EP prizes. The zip code is imprinted on our hearts. We are encouraging Runoia Girls to build real life communication skills. He was graced with the iconic green jacket and history was in the books.

Best Friends : The Adventures of Squirrel and Chipmunk in Maine

That means a lot of conversation comes up about all major sports events daily. There is always a sport in season. Spring is an exciting season in the pro world because as baseball starts, NHL hockey is in the final games and NBA is in the semi finals. But back to Senor Garcia. Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia, best friends after playing over 20 years together, they tied to finish. The whole story is akin to mythology. Anyway, in the end Sergio persevered. Seventy three tries at winning a major tournament in the PGA and he finally won one.

One big one. I can feel the emotion all over again and I can only imagine how he felt. So, the takeaway is pretty clear. Even when we are pretty good, we are not always the best at something… yet: When we try things, we need to practice and have patience in our own work and play. Whether it is getting more refined in a sport, improving reading comprehension, making meaningful connections with others, learning how to reduce impetuous behavior, developing a friendship, or understanding how the wind affects the sail power of a boat. Let me say it again: we need to practice, have patience, learn from our mistakes and try again.

This is what makes pros win major tournaments and this is what makes Runoia campers grow up to be strong women. Once I worked at Camp Runoia, I easily kindled the memories of camp for twenty years. And when we had daughters, I could not wait for the day I could share Camp Runoia with them. Now, fast forward twenty years later. I mean this most sincerely. Camp Runoia is an authentic sleep away camp experience. Pam and her daughter, Jai Kells continue the tradition.