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La sua determinazione nel fornire una voce credibile ha portato alla decisione di utilizzare attori non professionisti per i ruoli principali.

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I due giovani che ha scelto, come i loro personaggi sullo schermo, sono sopravvissuti a grandi sconvolgimenti emotivi e a un significativo viaggio geografico. Ha dovuto imparare una nuova lingua e adattarsi a una nuova cultura e a nuovi costumi. Ha lasciato la Costa d'Avorio, camminando per centinaia di chilometri attraverso l'Africa fino a raggiungere la Libia.

Luchetti ha avuto l'idea del film diversi anni fa quando ha sentito la storia di una ragazza che era sfuggita a un passato violento. Quando ha iniziato a sviluppare la trama - il film ha impiegato circa cinque anni dall'ideazione alla realizzazione - ha scoperto che migliaia di giovani scompaiono ogni anno. Molti come Basim arrivano in un nuovo paese come fuggiaschi senza documenti, identificazione o reti familiari. Sono semplicemente costretti a sparire nel loro nuovo ambiente.

Il suo paesaggio aspro ma mozzafiato offre riparo ma rappresenta anche un pericolo per i due giovani protagonisti. Paesaggi infuocati dal sole, tempeste di vento e pioggia, insetti ronzanti e striscianti aggiungono atmosfera, realismo e una colonna sonora distintiva al film.

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Skip to main content. Filmmaker Laura Luchetti explores unlikely friendships amid violent realities rita cipalla Jun 17, English Version Italian Version The new film from director Laura Luchetti , Twin Flower Fiore Gemello explores unlikely friendships and the loss of innocence, set against the starkly beautiful landscape of Sardinia. More By Author.

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Dante's in-depth knowledge within the limits of his time of Roman antiquity, and his evident admiration for some aspects of pagan Rome, also point forward to the 15th century. Ironically, while he was widely honored in the centuries after his death, the Comedy slipped out of fashion among men of letters: too medieval, too rough and tragic, and not stylistically refined in the respects that the high and late Renaissance came to demand of literature. He wrote the Comedy in a language he called "Italian", in some sense an amalgamated literary language mostly based on the regional dialect of Tuscany, but with some elements of Latin and other regional dialects.

By creating a poem of epic structure and philosophic purpose, he established that the Italian language was suitable for the highest sort of expression. In French, Italian is sometimes nicknamed la langue de Dante. Publishing in the vernacular language marked Dante as one of the first in Roman Catholic Western Europe among others such as Geoffrey Chaucer and Giovanni Boccaccio to break free from standards of publishing in only Latin the language of liturgy , history and scholarship in general, but often also of lyric poetry.

This break set a precedent and allowed more literature to be published for a wider audience, setting the stage for greater levels of literacy in the future. However, unlike Boccaccio, Milton or Ariosto , Dante did not really become an author read all over Europe until the Romantic era. To the Romantics, Dante, like Homer and Shakespeare , was a prime example of the "original genius" who sets his own rules, creates persons of overpowering stature and depth, and goes far beyond any imitation of the patterns of earlier masters; and who, in turn, cannot truly be imitated.

Throughout the 19th century, Dante's reputation grew and solidified; and by , the th anniversary of his birth, he had become established as one of the greatest literary icons of the Western world. New readers often wonder how such a serious work may be called a "comedy". In the classical sense the word comedy refers to works which reflect belief in an ordered universe, in which events tend toward not only a happy or amusing ending but one influenced by a Providential will that orders all things to an ultimate good.

By this meaning of the word, as Dante himself wrote in a letter to Cangrande I della Scala , the progression of the pilgrimage from Hell to Paradise is the paradigmatic expression of comedy, since the work begins with the pilgrim's moral confusion and ends with the vision of God. Dante's other works include Convivio "The Banquet" , [41] a collection of his longest poems with an unfinished allegorical commentary; De Monarchia , [42] a summary treatise of political philosophy in Latin which was condemned and burned after Dante's death [43] [44] by the Papal Legate Bertrando del Poggetto , which argues for the necessity of a universal or global monarchy in order to establish universal peace in this life, and this monarchy's relationship to the Roman Catholic Church as guide to eternal peace; De vulgari eloquentia "On the Eloquence of Vernacular" , [45] on vernacular literature, partly inspired by the Razos de trobar of Raimon Vidal de Bezaudun ; and La Vita Nuova "The New Life" , [46] the story of his love for Beatrice Portinari , who also served as the ultimate symbol of salvation in the Comedy.

The Vita Nuova contains many of Dante's love poems in Tuscan, which was not unprecedented; the vernacular had been regularly used for lyric works before, during all the thirteenth century. However, Dante's commentary on his own work is also in the vernacular—both in the Vita Nuova and in the Convivio —instead of the Latin that was almost universally used. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Italian poet. For other uses, see Dante disambiguation.

Profile portrait in tempera by Sandro Botticelli , This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Further information: Guelphs and Ghibellines. Dante's tomb exterior and interior in Ravenna , built in See also: Tomb of Dante.

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Retrieved May 9, The Catholic Encyclopedia. Retrieved May 2, Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages.

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Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers. Dante, the Critical Heritage, ? London: Routledge. The color palette she draws from these modest forces is varied and expressive — and brilliantly rendered by a fine roster of performers. Onto the 'season's best list' it goes. Cygnus plays Schwendinger's Beckett. Records Schwendinger, Biscardi. Feb 4. Over the Misty Mountains for solo oboe,.

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Ari Streisfeld, Rachel Calloway. Love Sonnets, settings of Shakespeare. College of Charleston. Duo Cortona -. Sarasota Florida. NY Times. Eleanor Bartsch, Violin. At Guggenheim Foundation. Durwood Music Ensemble. Young ArtistCompetition Commission. National Flute Association Conference. Jul 25, 26 Tallis Festival performances by Faculty Artists.

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    Until the Sunrise, Premiere. Richmond Symphony. Waking Dream with Steven Smith, Director. Mary Boodell, soloist. Text Settings of Laura Schwendinger. Patricia Green. Willy Street Players. Schwendinger, Schubert, and Schoenberg. Spring featured Composer at Washington State University's. With the Society for Composers, Inc.

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